Manhole Ladders



Create any length of ladder you need with this innovative product. It’s flexible, cost-effective and durable, giving you safe and easy underground access. We supply the ladder in pre-assembled sections, which are bolted together on-site and fixed to the wall. Lighter and more adaptable than a traditional step rung ladder, it’s far easier to install or store on site. No special tools or lifting equipment are needed and damaged rungs can be replaced easily.

Key Features

  • Easy to install, repair and store
  • Stock parts can be configured on site
  • Flexible bolt-on pieces available in 3 modular section lengths and 2 widths
  • Corrosion resistant vertical stringer in stainless steel
  • Rungs in plastic encapsulated, high tensile carbon steel
  • Additional safety using a step rung and side hold
  • Designed in accordance with BS EN 14396
  • WRc Approved



Information Sheets